Suk Choo Kim studied engineering and mathematics when he was in college, but it was the photography classes he took on the side that really stirred his passion. This passion was further stoked by the two summers (1971,1972) Kim spent volunteering for the Friends of Photography in Carmel, California, where he met and studied the work of master photographers like Wynn Bullock, Brett Weston, Morris Bear and Ansel Adams. 

Kim continued with his other studies, ultimately making his living as an engineer and business executive, but his love of photography has remained a central part of his life.

He worked as an army staff photographer during his military service in the 1970’s; founded Youngsang, a Korean photo magazine in 1975; and had major exhibitions of his work at Friends of Photography, the Oakland Museum, the University of Florida in Gainesville, the Pacific Grove Art Center, Morris Graves Museum of Art and the Monterey Museum of Modern Art. His work was also featured in a USIS (United States Information Service) exhibit that traveled to eight cities in Korea and Japan.

Kim later returned to school to earn a master’s degree in photography, enabling him to teach the medium that has come to define his life.

To contact Suk Choo Kim, email here

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